• Aayush Mathur

    Had to give it a 5, as it has been my appetite's first choice for countless number of occassions now. Always bustling with people Demanding for (and recommend too) for The Masala patties, the veg momos, bingo bhel, chilli garlic noodles (seem the best choice). The List is very subjective and the place is highly sought out. Munchies, satisfy your taste buds here!!

  • Karan Raj Kewalramani

    The Homely place...Bharat Bhya's special Attension is wat we like...the service is fast and good...and the variety we get to eat evry other simply awesme...

  • Nids Sharma

    A perfect place to have your junkies and have munchies. Road side situated small shop at raja park is one of our favorite food destination. Delicious food, quick service and very reasonable. A perfect 5 for all the efforts and quality of food. Keep it up and serve well.

  • Harshmita Dhingra

    Best snacks in raja park and mayonnaise patties r the best of favourite chilli potato, pasta, maggi, chinese bhel etc. etc. al r so delicious <9f><98><8b><9f><98><8b>

  • Garima Sukhnani

    Bharat's is like a stone's throw away from my college and thank God for this! I'm like an every-second-day customer here. The food is inexplicably delicious and pocket-savvy. I've tried almost the entire menu and i'd like to comment on some dishes: Veg cheese sandwich: cheese overload and a treat for your taste buds. Fried momos: everything good that fried momos ought to be-spicy, crisp and delicious. Spring rolls: again spicy, crisp and delicious. The Bingo Bhel: Yes, THE bingo bhel. Creamy and crispy at once, this piece of heaven is all mayo and veggies and the extra good taste of bingo mad angles. Paneer tikka sandwich: this one is also a speciality of theirs. An innovative and tasty dish! Apart from these, the rolls like veg roll, cheese roll etc. are also good. The different kinds of Maggies available are also nice. The patties are fulfilling. Plus, they complete the orders quickly and are pretty attentive! Although you can't sit and enjoy the good food they give here. All in all, a very popular food joint which provides satisfying food without burning a hole in your pocket!

  • Kamesh Sozhia Vellalar

    I visited this place with my friend. Yes, they are truly the pioneers of Bingo bhel. The bingo bhel is tasty, juicy and crispy leaving behind the tanginess of the bhel. Note: Do not order it at home, the crispiness of the bhel becomes soggy. Masala patties is an average dish. Masala fries is a value for money. Punjabi Maggie is also a must try with veggies inside. Good place to hang out with friends, more over that it's pocket-friendly.

  • Rahul Maheshwari

    With unreal prices and great taste this is one good joint settled in rajapark. Honeychilly potatoes - Great. Pasta - Great. Bingo bhel - delicious. Looking forward to visit again and have more of those delicious delights! They have a new regular customer!

  • Yuvraj Singh

    Bharat<80><99>s Bits and Bites. They provide yummy food, it<80><99>s really delicious and quality food. I have tried: 1. Mushroom Roll: The Roll was good, but as the name there were very less mushroom and more of veg mixture (3.5/5) 2. Veg. Cheese Sandwich (4/5) 3. Panner Tikka Puff: I loved it the most because the filling was creamy and nicely spiced. (5/5) 4. OTC pizza: I don<80><99>t like it the most because the base was hard, overall is was good. (3/5) I would recommend to be their once, and do try panner tikka puff.

  • Akshat Arora

    A perfect shop for fast food . Must try patties, bingo bhel and singapuri Maggi .. also try some chowmin , Manchurian etc. Must visit in raja at a pretty place. delivery is good and very quick.

  • Garima

    Amazing road side point to have different type of patties. I liked the road side food at this point. Bingo chat is awsome. But today we ordered chinese bhel, masala pattie and tandoori pattie. Masala patti- 4.5/5 Tandoori patti- 4.5/5 Chinese bhel- 4/5

  • Vijay Singh

    Economical and tasty snacks...... Bingo bhel and patties are must try..... .....but due to non-availability of space to eat it can be difficult to eat there in the evening ..

  • Abhishek Kochar

    I love bits n bits Punjabi panir patis ..awesome test loving it ..its near to me n great place to enjoyed with friends .......................

  • My Meandering Mind (Rupal Sharma)

    I was so happy to know that Bits and bytes has opened it's second outlet in gurunanakpura which is too close to the place where I live. Needless to say, it has become my "adda" because I come here frequently with my friends during evening to kill my hunger after college hours. The service is quick and the food served here is delicious and most importantly it is pocket friendly! It's a really small takeaway joint and lacks any sitting space although they have provided few tables where you can stand and binge upon your food. They also provide home delivery service which is very fast. What I ordered: Mushroom Tikka: button mushroom are marinated in a highly flavourful seasoning and grilled to perfection. These are delicious tandoori starters to start your meal with! Punjabi paneer patties: As name suggests it's fully loaded with Punjabi tadka of spices, loads of paneer and tangy sauces to make your soul do balle balle with joy. Hara bhara kebab: True to its name, this tikka will melt in your mouth and delight your palate! This spinach-based kebab has the power to captivate your taste buds by it's sumptuous texture and lingering flavour. Bingo bhel : Bingo mixed with Mayonnaise, chilli sauce, finely chopped juicy tomatoes, onions and crunchy bell peppers topped with namkeen is absolutely delicious. Freshly made and served, the bingo bhel is full of flavours and is a nice version of bhelpuri. Punjabi maggie: By knowing that the Maggie is going to have a punjabi twist, one can easily figure out that it must be filled with fiery flavours, spices and veggies.I just love to stash the long, chewy noodles into the mouth, enjoying the succulent spicy flavour of it. It's a must have for Maggie lovers and who love spicy food as well. Schezwan Toast Momos: Momos are my anytime favourite snack to hog upon! I ordered schezwan toast momos thinking to receive a platter full of hot yummy momos.They serve momos which are tossed and fried in the schezwan sauce and are topped with fine cabbage and tastes yummy. This is indeed one of the finest place in Jaipur to have pan fried momos. Veg cheese sandwich: This sandwich is filled with the goodness of veggies and oodles of cheese and sandwich spread. The bread is fresh and perfectly grilled and satiates your craving for a nice wholesome sandwich.

  • Jaipurfoodjunkies

    Situated in Rajapark, this place is the most frequented destination for college and school kids for its affordable pricing. On our last visit we had: Bingo bhel- This is our favourite for its tangy taste. It has an assortment of vegetables in crunchy and tangy bingo mad angles which are mixed with mayonnaise. Topped with sev, it is finger licking snack in itself. Honey Chilli Potato- The potato fingers are adequately crispy even after getting mixed with honey and chilli sauce. This dish is a palatable mixture of sweet and spicy. Other than these, we are admirers of their Aloo Patties and Masala Patties. We are frequent customers and will definitely keep on visiting.

  • Neha Agarwal

    Wanted to try this place from a very long time especially for their famous 'bingo bhel'. Finally got the chance today. Location- Located in raja park opposite to Chandra skekhar park. Ambience- Small shop with no seating availability. Best for takeaways. Or you can enjoy your food in your car or on your two-wheeler. Food- Bingo bhel-4/5 First time tried it. It was the best bhel I've had. It was juicy, delicious and crispy. Paneer tikka patties-3.5/5 Yum! Pasta puff patties-3.5/5 Again yum! Honey chilli potatoes-2.5/5 Taste was good. But it was toooo spicy that I couldn't eat it after 4-5 bites. It was more of extra chilli potatoes than honey chilli potatoes. Everything they made was really fresh. Service- It was really fast. We received our order within 8-10 minutes. Cost- Reasonably priced everything. Considering it's taste, every penny spent on it was worth it. Recommended place! Must try if you are in raja park. Will visit again to try their other eating options and best ever bingo bhel<98>

  • Robin

    if u wana try smthng spicy yes then must try pasta puff n red sauce pasta is tasty and yeah if you really wana try somthng hot n spicy then guys u must try hony chilli potato its fantastic n the masala petties are different stuff which u can try here <9f><99><8f><9f><8f>

  • Keshav Bhatia

    Awesome place to eat ! The different kinds of patties, chilli potato, wraps, bhel and Maggie are good! No place to sit and eat! You can't even stand just near the shop!

  • Parag Jain

    Ihave just had momos over here nd it was good a lil spicy though ! And i have herd that the place is a good place and the food stufs are also good

  • Anubhav Juneja

    Best snacks in Raja Park , Talking about the food,its awesome.Do Try the Bingo Bhel & the honey chilli potatoes. The rates are also cheap. Now the service: Its great, You will get your order after just 10-15 mins. Cons. No seating arrangement. No soft drinks are available.(However you could buy from a shop nearby)

  • Foodie Soul

    There are some things which are remarkable, some are not that great. Pocket friendly indeed. I pay frequent visits out there and quite a lot satisfied :)

  • Parth Yash Wadhwa

    Their tandoori Patty I like it very much. Nice honey chilly potatoes and value for money is their usp. Deduction is just for the cleanliness standards which they don't maintain... Except it all is good...

  • 487/5 Vyas Marg, Raja Park